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Blizzard Mountain Pinball

Do you love pinball OR have you always wanted to play pinball ?

Blizzard Mountain Pinball is located in Conifer, CO and is a fun time out in our local town! They have over 38 pinball machines and other arcade games to play. They also host birthday parties or special events in their fun party room.

Are you looking to entertain friends, family or little ones? Pinball is a GREAT and fun way to do that while staying up the hill!

Did you ever play Mrs. Pac-man back in the day or wish you could play it now?? At Blizzard Mountain Pinball they have Mrs. Pac-man ready for you to enjoy! Check out their fun games in the video below!

If you are a pinball lover than be sure to check out their MONTHLY tournaments! There is a special ladies tournament as well.

Whether you want to play for fun, nostalgia, or to compete Blizzard Mountain Pinball is a fun place to explore ! Visit their site at www.blizzardpinball.com

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