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Sasquatch Outpost

Do you believe in Sasquatch? Do you know who Sasquatch is ?

Come learn all thing Sasquatch at the Sasquatch Outpost located in Downtown Bailey, CO .

On this episode of Exploring 285 we visited The Sasquatch Outpost to see their beautiful remodel and merchandise ! They were awarded Colorado's #2 Quirkiest Roadside Attractions! Check out our video to take a sneak peek .

Visit their website - https://sasquatchoutpost.com/ for more information or to purchase some of their items online.

Here's what they have to say : " There are few things in Americana as mysterious and captivating as the search for the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. At The Sasquatch Outpost, we’re dedicated to solving the mystery for ourselves, and we welcome anyone and everyone who’s ever been interested in Sasquatch to visit us here in Bailey -- just a short drive from Downtown Denver. We have a museum and retail shop dedicated to the creature, and we also host regular meetings to share sightings and stories with other enthusiasts! We're equal parts researchers and admirers, after all, and we love documenting your sightings. In addition to anything and everything Bigfoot, we also serve all your outdoor needs with gear for fishing, hiking, and camping. If you’re a lover of the outdoors and have ever been curious about the Sasquatch -- we hope you’ll come see us! "

Shop Local and Remember, SMILES ARE CONTAGIOUS!

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